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Small portable asphalt plants for sale

2019-09-11 15:52:28

Haomei offer small portable asphalt plants for sale with output of 40-160 ton/h with great performance and cheap price. If the asphalt mixing plant is subdivided, it can be mobile asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt mixing plant. The mobile asphalt plant silos can be used for traction, the transition is convenient and flexible, but the production capacity is limited. The stationary asphalt mixing plant requires concrete foundation ground, and the equipment is fixed on it, and the production capacity is high.

small portable asphalt plants for sale

The mobile asphalt mixing plant has features of:
1, The module design makes transportation and installation quick and convenient;
2, The agitator blade design avant-garde, the power-driven mixing cylinder makes the mixing efficiency high;
3, The vibrating screen driven by the vibration motor greatly increases the efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment;
4, The bag is dusted and placed in a dry state, placed above the drum to reduce heat loss, saving space and fuel;
5, The structure of the bottom of the silo is relatively opposite, thereby greatly reducing the floor space of the equipment, and at the same time eliminating the increase of the space of the finished material small lane and reducing the equipment failure rate;
6, Increase the aggregate and increase the double-row board, which increases the service life and running stability of the machine;
7, Using dual-machine automatic control computer / manual control system, with automatic fault diagnosis program is simple to operate.

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