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haomei asphalt concrete batch plant
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Mobile asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

2019-09-05 15:11:43

Haomei is a processional mobile asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in China, LBY series mobile asphalt mixing plant has the output of 40-160ton/hr. A set of high-end mobile asphalt mixing plant can deliver an unexpected return on investment in terms of yield and quality, and reduced fuel and feedstock costs. For the fast install and transit, the asphalt mixing plant mobile type is very suitable for highway, road, airport construction projects.

mobile asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

The aggregate supply system for mobile asphalt mixing plant:
1, asphalt concrete mixer is equipped with 4 grade buckets to store cold aggregates of different particle sizes;
2, The annular stage belt under each level matching bucket is equipped with a drive motor and load cell with frequency converter, which can be remotely controlled in the control room to achieve accurate ratio of cold aggregate;
3, The aggregate conveyor conveys the cold aggregate on each annular grading belt to the small vibrating screen. The aggregate with the particle size larger than 40mm is screened out, and the remaining qualified aggregates are transferred to the inclined belt conveyor and then transported to drying drum.


The asphalt supply system for mobile type asphalt mixing plant
1, direct heating type asphalt tank, high energy-saving efficiency; rapid heating, keeping the asphalt in the tank in liquid state, the asphalt temperature inside the asphalt tank can be controlled;
2, The asphalt pump is driven by a motor with a frequency converter, and the amount of asphalt added can be controlled during mixing.


3, Finished asphalt hoist for mobile asphalt mixing plant
1, The hoist delivers the finished asphalt to the finished asphalt temporary storage bin;
2, chain plates, sprockets and hoppers are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials and have a long service life;
3, drying cylinder, hoist and finished material in a mobile unit, modular design makes it is convenient for mobile asphalt plant equipment transportation and installation.


The finished warehouse of mobile asphalt mixing plant manufacturer
1, The finished product warehouse is placed at a certain height to facilitate loading of the truck;
2, The finished product warehouse is pneumatically opened, the switch is convenient, and there is a material level gauge in the warehouse, which effectively prevents flashing, has a temperature sensor inside, and knows the temperature of the finished material in real time in the control room meter.

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