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Henan Roady Road Machinery Company Inc. founded in 1997,is a High-tech enterprise with the independent researching, producing and sales ability. Now Roady is the vice president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Road Machinery Branch. Roady is the leading company of China's road construction machinery industry, the enterprise size and industry research ability is among the forefront of China. Roady Company has developed more than 40 types of popular road building equipment, asphalt batching plant, stabilized soil mixing plant, concrete mixing plant, asphalt recycling plant. In 2010 the sales amount of Roady’s asphalt batching plant ranked the first in China.

RD90 Asphalt Mixing Plant

RD90 Asphalt Mixing PlantTYPE: RD90 Asphalt Mixing Plant; CONFIGURATION: Cold aggregate supply system (4 hoppers,The tilted belt feeding conveyor, Drum dryer (light oil ), Light Oil burning system, Hot aggregate elevator, Wet Dust catcher system , Mixing tower (90 t/h), Filler supply system, Pneumatic system (FESTO cylinder), Asphalt supply system (1x40m3 asphalt tanks + 300,000 calorie hot oil system ), Electronic controlling system (JAPAN OMRON touch screen + PLC ). PRICE: FOB TIANJIN USD;SHIPPING:9 x 40 HQ.

DHB60 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

DHB60 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

DHB60 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant Configuration And Specifications I. Basal configuration: 1、Cold aggregate supply system(mobile) Components: Four aggregate belt feeders, a set of aggregate belt conveyer; Specifications: Bin cubage: 4×4m3; The bin width:2.6m Loading height: 2.7m

RD125 Asphalt Mixing Plant

RD125 Asphalt Mixing Plant

RD125 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant Configurations And Specifications 1.Basal configurations 1.1 Cold aggregate supply system (1) Consists: Four aggregate hoppers and four belt feeders. Aggregate belt conveyor. Tilted belt feeding conveyor. Middle filter

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Aging maintenance is a typical static management, aging bad only when only machinery and equipment maintenance. This method of maintenance, there is no specific spare parts management and order planning, but also don't have regular device maintenance plan, its comprehensive, real-time management, reliability and so cannot meet the requirements

In world economic crisis further increased of big environment effect Xia, many construction enterprise on road mechanical equipment of acquisition fee input serious insufficient, especially in recent years the project Department in calculation mechanical equipment depreciation time-consuming, cannot according to related provides requirements