RD90 Asphalt Mixing Plant

RD90 Asphalt Mixing Plant

RD90 asphalt mixing plant reference for you


RD90 Asphalt Mixing Plant


  1. Cold aggregate supply system (4 hoppers)
  2. The tilted belt feeding conveyor
  3. Drum dryer (light oil )
  4. Light Oil burning system
  5. Hot aggregate elevator
  6. Wet Dust catcher system 
  7. Mixing tower  (90 t/h)
  8. Filler supply system 
  9. Pneumatic system (FESTO cylinder)
  10. Asphalt supply system (1x40m3 asphalt tanks + 300,000 calorie hot oil system )
  11. Electronic controlling system (JAPAN OMRON touch screen + PLC )




9 x 40 HQ

RD90 asphalt mixing plant main characteristic

1. Cold aggregate supply system

Frequency conversion timing with credible capability; modularized design will be convenient for transport.

2. Tilted belt feeding system

Automatically flow middle filter with no vibration will prevent the oversized material entering the drying drum; reduce the heat loss. Avoid jam in the hot aggregate elevator and the vibrating screen.

3. Drying drum

Outside the drying drum is covered with a 50mm heat preservation structure, and inside the drying drum fixing up blades used for lifting aggregate, which can reduce heat loss and ensure the highest thermal efficiency.

The drying drum is driven by four friction wheels, freely link, smoothly and evenly drive.

4. Burning system

The burner is equipped with gas ignition device, with high ignition success rate. It will ensure that first-rank burning effect and drying efficiency.

Burning system uses automatic temperature-control function. It will ensure the best burning effect and drying efficiency.

The burning system can use diesel (heavy oil, gas, coal) as the fuel, through the accurate automatic control to reduce production cost.

5. Hot aggregate elevator

Double rows of chains with double dowels, special structure for outlet will reduce the abrasion and noises.

6. Filler supply system

The outlet of screw conveyer installs butterfly valve to control wallop. Filler temporarily storage silo using high-press air to explode the agglomeration.

7. Pneumatic control system

Pneumatic system uses Germany FESTO air cylinder and electromagnetic valve, with reliable performance and long service life.

8. Asphalt supply system

Asphalt will be heated by the circle hot wind pipe. The tank will be placed under the ground to be convenient for discharging asphalt.

9. Electric control system

The figure dimension3x2.2x2.5m; Copy container structure, the walls, door and windows are made of colorized steel plate. Pleasing shape, good seal; easy to hoist and transport.

Box type control cabinet, main electric parts are SIMENS , Schneider, ABB etc. global famous brand, which has interlock and two-grade protection; the big motor adopt reasonable voltage-reducing start; urgent manual operation device, digital indicator for filler balance, aggregate balance and asphalt balance, cold aggregate digital transducer, teperature indicator and flow indicator for main components;

Japan OMONLON colorized touch screen and PLC controller, can operate by automatically, Semi-automatically and manual control; it could realize many languages switching on line; inside control room will reserve a joint position for printer; asphalt weighing will take two steps and detect asphalt &aggregate ratio real-time for each batch; Control is advanced, capability is credible, operation is convenient and obvious.