DHB60 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

DHB60 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

DHB60 Mobile Asphalt Mixing plant Configuration and Specifications

I. Basal configuration:

1、Cold aggregate supply system(mobile) components:

Four aggregate belt feeders, a set of aggregate belt conveyer;

2、Middle filter

Type: slanting flowing

3、Titled belt feeding conveyer


Belt width: 500mm

Motor power: 4kw;

4、Drying drum assembly components:

1). Drying drum (mobile)

2). Elevator:

3). Dust catcher:

4). Mixture storage silo:

5、Oil burning system components:

A set of main oil burner(light oil), a suit of oil supply pipelines, The diesel oil tank will be equipped by client himself;

6、Asphalt tank and asphalt pipelines components:

A 20m³diesel heated asphalt tank, an asphalt pump; matched asphalt pipes;

7、Electric control system components:

Control house, electric control platform, cables from control house to the plant;

II the plant technical parameter

1. Productivity (standard conditions): 60t/h

2.oil consumption (standard conditions): 5.5-7kg/t;

3.Operation mode: manual control;

4. The figure dimension:(length×width ×height): 33×20×12m

5. The total installed power: 94.95kw