Problems of road-building machinery and equipment management

Problems of road-building machinery and equipment management

1. lack of capital investment and equipment update slow

In world economic crisis further increased of big environment effect Xia, many construction enterprise on road mechanical equipment of acquisition fee input serious insufficient, especially in recent years the project Department in calculation mechanical equipment depreciation time-consuming, cannot according to related provides requirements timely full for extraction, caused road mechanical equipment supporting technology maintenance funds cannot get effective implementation, waste of mechanical equipment cannot on time for scrap, makes actual maintenance cost greatly increases, while also not meet security construction production of technology requirements. Engineering construction enterprise's statistical data show that in recent years, road-building machinery and equipment updates only 3% per cent of all machinery and equipment. Technical update more slowly, increasing the difficulty of maintenance and management, severely affecting road-building machinery and equipment technology.

2. the system is not perfect, the management approach is not perfect

Management system is not perfect, imperfect management approach is a lot of road-building machinery and equipment in construction enterprises management problems in work. Many items purchased on their own methods of road-building machinery and equipment, particularly by financing purchase of road-building machinery and equipment in the absence of employees establish the perfect account, which has been formally incorporated into the project management of mechanical equipment, resulting in many phenomena such as device has no cards, no account, integrated management is not easy. In addition, many project Department of road-building machinery and equipment account, card, there is a serious mismatch between, the device did not receive timely collection and updating of information, also brings considerable management difficulties, such as: account remember such and such machinery and equipment the residual value is 100,000 yuan, but the actual worth of the original 10,000 yuan.

3. machinery and equipment employee skill level and overall quality is not high

Due to the influence of the concept of traditional construction, the construction enterprises of road-building machinery and equipment technology management attention, many part-time management project adopted by non-professionals, resulting in management process, unable to master the machinery and equipment condition and technical performance, failure to take reasonable technical measures, resulting in equipment had not been reasonable and perfect maintenance, performance gradually decreases. In recent years, with road-building machinery and equipment continued to large-scale, multi-functional development, although there are professional technical management of personnel-related machinery and equipment, but because of the relatively small number of professionals, the overall technology management level remained low. In addition, the overall level of performance of road construction equipment is low, poor construction methods and construction technical management of capital and other factors of influence, not project into full play of the mechanical equipment management function and effect to be achieved. Many projects Department to pay more attention to the immediate benefits, ignoring the demand for road-building machinery and equipment running efficiently for a long time, the lack of special skill training of machine operators and maintenance personnel, resulting in operator service levels have not improved, cannot effectively acquire the relevant skills of mechanical equipment, machinery and equipment cannot be expected effect. Operator does not strictly according to mechanical rules work, not complying with the requirements for maintenance management of machinery and equipment in a timely manner, caused serious damage to the machinery and equipment by mistake, causing maintenance costs are too high, and greatly reduces the economic benefits of used road-building machinery and equipment and technical management.