Commonly used measures of road-building machinery and equipment maintenance management

Commonly used measures of road-building machinery and equipment maintenance management

1. aging-maintenance

Aging maintenance is a typical static management, aging bad only when only machinery and equipment maintenance. This method of maintenance, there is no specific spare parts management and order planning, but also don't have regular device maintenance plan, its comprehensive, real-time management, reliability and so cannot meet the requirements of modern road-building machinery and equipment management of construction enterprises.

2. preventive maintenance measures

Preventive maintenance measures is based on the actual use of such machinery and equipment in construction and maintenance cycles of experience, formation of scheduled maintenance, according to the scheduled time, according to detailed technical measures to maintain form the qualitative maintenance of construction machinery and equipment. Such measures more suited to run, load, operating conditions, relatively stable operating environment maintenance of mechanical equipment, machinery and equipment can be reduced relatively bad odds. But as the highway and railway engineering construction, building further accelerated the speed of such maintenance mode is difficult to adapt to high loads, high-frequency engineering machinery equipment maintenance management requirements.

3. productive maintenance

Productive maintenance main feature is the combination of construction machinery and the structure, components, features, and to develop a comprehensive, reliable maintenance management measures. Productive maintenance of construction machinery in the unified divided according to their importance, and by their performance, technical maintenance and replacement technology, to develop a comprehensive maintenance management system. This kind of maintenance mode, better spare parts, spare parts management system, construction machinery and equipment at low cost, high yield under the condition of long-term operation. Highlight the key technical points for technical maintenance of equipment, focusing on dynamic maintenance operations, so as to improve the machinery and equipment repair and maintenance of real-time, reliability and accuracy, high efficiency, high quality, high-speed mainly responsible for ensuring complete.