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Asphalt Mixing Plant Performance
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant

    Our rubber modified asphalt plant is applicable to produce not only for various modified asphalt, such as: SBS, EVA, PE, but also for rubberized asphalt. It is composed of heating tank, main body, Screw feeder, thermal oil heating furnace and controlling system. The main body is mainly consisted of reaction tank, colloid mill and electronic weighing system.

  • Intelligent Asphalt Plant

    The mixer use European technology; big obliquity, strong screw flow, solid three- dimensional compulsory mixing, which will form well boiling layer and consequently achieve well-proportioned mixing during a short time. Asphalt weighing and spraying device use high-speed flux asphalt pump to realize high-pressure

  • High Quality Bitumen Plant

    The loop belt feeder for the measuring hopper has a frequency-conversion speed regulator which can provide high and low speed. Its original structure facilitates belt change and makes material feeding more fluent, which reduces power consumption. Besides, there is a warning light

  • Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

    Hot mix asphalt plants are manufactured as per the international market standard to produce best quality hot mix asphalt with low dust emission and at low fuel consumption. They are fully automatic as per modern drum mix technology and operated by user friendly electronic control panel.

  • High Quality Asphalt Mixing Plant Sale

    Main Features of High Quality Asphalt Mixing Plant Sale 1. The original modular design of the mixing plant makes transport and installation work quick and convenient. It can separate extra-large flotsam from usable stuff. 2. The loop belt feeder for the measuring hopper has a frequency-conversion speed regulator

  • Environmental Protection Asphalt Plant

    Production Description of Environmental Protection Asphalt Plant 1. The whole plant structure is compact, layout is reasonable; use modularization design, convenient for installation and transportation; 2. use Italy Oil burner system; producing cost is low; the bag dust catcher dust discharging concentration 68 mg/nm3

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