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Asphalt Mixing Plant Performance
  • Energy Saving Portable Asphalt Plant

    Introduction of Energy Saving Portable Asphalt Plant 1. The burner with special patent technology, high efficiency, energy saving, the oil consumption can save 5.3 Kg for producing one ton asphalt mixture. 2. The elevator adopts double chains bin structure, running smoothly, long use life.

  • Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

    Our well developed business network has helped us to export our cold mix asphalt plants to several countries of Asia, gulf, Africa and Europe. It is favorably used in these countries for quick and smooth functioning of our cold mix asphalt plants. We have project a time tested technology for the production of the asphalt.

  • Bitumen Plant Process

    Bitumen plant and counter flow asphalt mixing plant are the two types of plants that are categorized as continuous mixing plants. Both these types of plants produce hot mix asphalt in a continuous process. Batch mix plants are also there which make hot mix asphalt in batch. The end product

  • Asphalt Plant Safely

    Asphalt plants can be very dangerous places. Accidents, sometimes fatal, happen far too often. Most can be traced to the same root cause: the need for productio

  • Asphalt Plant Pollution

    Asphalt plants mix gravel and sand with crude oil derivatives to make the asphalt used to pave roads, highways, and parking lots across the U.S. These plants release millions of pounds of chemicals to the air during production each year, including many cancer-causing toxic air pollutants

  • Asphalt Plant Operator

    Male asphalt plant operators number significantly more than their female counterparts, and average earnings in this role come out to $17.27 per hour in the United States. Although one-fifth lack health benefits of any kind, a fair number do enjoy medical insurance, and a majority get dental

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