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product asphalt mixing plant
Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant
Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant
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Our rubber modified asphalt plant is applicable to produce not only for various modified asphalt, such as: SBS, EVA, PE, but also for rubberized asphalt. It is composed of heating tank, main body, Screw feeder, thermal oil heating furnace and controlling system. The main body is mainly consisted of reaction tank, colloid mill and electronic weighing system. The production process is automatically controlled by computer with dynamic real-time monitoring display to check a print out the record timely.

The rubber modified asphalt plant is characterized by excellent modifying quality, accurate metering system, simple and easy operation, which is a ideal equipment for road construction of expressway, bridge deck, airport and urban arterial road.

Rubber Modified Asphalt Plant Features

1.Ideal equipment for construction and maintenance of high-ways.

2.The filling rate is no more than 60% making bitumen, aggregates and powder well stirred.

3.The mixing scaleboard and blade use wear-resistant alloy cast iron and its mixing shaft adopts alloy cast steel.

4.The measuring device use Medianero weighing module which equipped with high precision and reliability resistance type strain sensors.

5.The full auto control system using Siemens programming controller can carry on the automatic and manual control for the charging weighing, mixing, discharging and so on.

6.The dust collecting system adopts the combination of gravity dust collection and water dust collection or the combination of gravity dust collection and bag dust collection, dust emission is less than 50 mg/Nm.

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