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The difference between drum mix plant and asphalt mixer plant

2019-09-19 15:49:46

According to the mixing method, asphalt mixing plant can be divided into drum mix plant type and continuous asphalt mixer plant type. The drum mix asphalt plant adopt dust removal and drying integrated design, which has compact structure, small floor area, high thermal efficiency. The dual-frequency burner, combustion efficiency is higher, oil adaptability is stronger. Therefore, the asphalt drum mix plant has low cost and high burn efficiency.

drum mix plant

The difference between forced mixer and continuous drum mix asphalt plant are:
The continuous asphalt drum mix plant equipment is also a drum mixing equipment. The process is simple and the equipment is simple. In the grading, metering and heating drying of the cold aggregate, the process is basically similar to the batch type, but the continuous drum mix type has no hot aggregate lifting, screening, secondary metering and the like. The dynamically metered cold aggregate is directly heated into the drying drum and then stirred into an asphalt mixture in a mixing drum connected thereto. Continuous feeding and discharging are realized.
Intermittent asphalt mixing equipment is an early development of conventional asphalt mixing equipment. It is to add the preliminary graded cold aggregate into the drying cylinder, heat it by drying, then lift the hot aggregate, and then sieve it by vibrating screen. It is stored in the hot silo and added to the mixer together with the metered filler (mine powder) and binder (asphalt), and then mixing into the asphalt mixture evenly. Different from drum mix plant, the ingredients measures, stirs and discharges in one pot and one pot, which is called intermittent asphalt mixing equipment. 

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