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Asphalt plant price with high configuration

2019-09-26 15:34:32

 The asphalt plant price on the market is directly related to the equipment configuration and the brand of spare parts. While purchasing asphalt mixing plant for sale, we should consider the configuration, the equipment quality, the manufacturer brand and the price together. For some key components, we should know then better because the later production quality and efficiency are affected by these components.


asphalt plant price


1, High efficiency vibrating screen
The double motor drives the high-efficiency vibrating screen. The vibration axis is placed at the upper part of the screen body. The bearing is lubricated with oil. It does not need to be refueled every day, and the maintenance is very convenient. The fixing of the screen is fastened by a quick hook spring, which makes the replacement of the screen fast and convenient. The vibrating screen of asphalt mixing plant is also equipped with a motor anti-phase braking device, which eliminates the resonance phenomenon that occurs when the vibrating screen is about to stop.

2, Weighing system
Aggregate weighing uses a unique "secondary" weighing, the position of the small door can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the rough name - fine or direct precision can be realized, guarantee the weighing accuracy of various grades. The asphalt is sprayed into the pot at a multi-point using a spray pump. The powder is conveyed into the pan by spiral multi-point feeding, thereby shortening the mixing time and improving the mixing efficiency. The lining and the blade head are made of high-strength wear-resistant cast iron, and the service life can reach more than 100,000 batches. The lining plate is fixed by a circlip, which is especially convenient for disassembly and adjustment. The material door adopts a double-cylinder-operated rotary discharge door with short discharge time and good sealing effect. The drive of the mixer is driven by a double geared motor and the gears are synchronized.

3, Central control system
The asphalt mixing plant has an internationally advanced control system, using internationally renowned brands of electrical components, programmable controllers, and computers. The control system has stable performance, easy to use and reliable. Automatic, semi-automatic, manual control of weighing, mixing, discharging, skipping, stopping, etc, the asphalt plant price of fully automatic control system is higher than semi automatic control system. In the production process by computer and programmable controller, and setting and modifying the proportion of asphalt mixture through computer screen. It can realize dynamic display, record, and print production records of the weighing process.

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