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Small Asphalt Mix Plant

2020-11-12 15:21:09

The productivity of small asphalt mix plant is 40-80 ton per hour, although the productivity is not high, the configuration is in accordance to the standard. The main components of the small model asphalt mixing plant adopt high technology yo ensure the mixing performance and long service life.


small asphalt mix plant


1, Dust removal system
The dust removal system of small asphalt mix plant uses German technology to combine the first-stage gravity dust collector and the second-stage bag filter into one, which fully saves the floor space. The filter bag made of NOMEX material from DuPont, USA has a dust concentration of less than 25mg/Nm3. The system has an over-temperature protection system.

2, Mixing system
The vibrating screen of small asphalt mixing plant using German technology is a double vibrating shaft linear screen. The double vibrating shaft is placed outside the screen body, and the bearing adopts the European technology immersion lubrication mode, which is very convenient for maintenance. The screen is fixed by fast hook spring tension, which makes the replacement of the screen fast and convenient. The thermal insulation hot silo is equipped with a thermal insulation system. The stone adopts a secondary weighing method to realize the initial weighing of the stone and a fine weighing. The automatic splash error correction control method can effectively reduce the splash error. For large tonnage, double aggregate scales are used for simultaneous measurement, which not only ensures accuracy but also improves efficiency. The agitator of asphalt mixing plant adopts European technology, driven by a double hardened gear reducer motor, and gears are synchronized. The weighing sensor for the scale is an imported sensor with high weighing accuracy, which can meet the requirements of any grade of highway. The rotary unloading door is operated by double cylinders, the discharge time is short, and the sealing effect is good. The liner and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant cast iron.

3, Finished material storage system
The finished material storage system of small asphalt mix plant has bottom type and side type for users to choose. The bottom-mounted storage system consists of a storage bin, a waste bin, and a transport trolley or guiding mechanism. It has a compact structure, a small footprint, and saves energy. The side-mounted storage system is composed of lifting rails, lifting carts, waste bins and finished material storage bins. The inverter, photoelectric encoder and proximity switch are used for joint control, and the winch drive motor is controlled by forced air cooling and variable frequency control. The wall of the storage silo is insulated with 100mm rock wool, and the pneumatically controlled discharge door adopts an electric heating heat-conducting oil device to ensure easy opening and closing.

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