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Alat Asphalt Mixing Plant Maintenance

2020-11-06 16:38:21

The maintenance of alat asphalt mixing plant is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Asphalt mixing plant maintenance work helps to the reduction of the failure rate and the extension of the service life. Asphalt mixing plant equipment has been shut down for a long time during the winter for a long period of time, and due to the lack of maintenance during the construction period, various oils, lubrication protection, and key parts may change. If the asphalt mixing plant equipment is is turned on and put into work without inspected in detail in time, problems such as poor operation of the equipment will inevitably occur, which will then shorten the service life of the equipment and affect the project progress.


alat asphalt mixing plant


The cold climate and environmental conditions will make the use of the asphalt mixing plant face severe challenges. In order to make the alat asphalt mixing plant work smoothly under harsh weather conditions, the snow protection and maintenance measures of the asphalt mixing plant equipment are essential necessary work to ensure the smooth production of the next spring. In addition to requiring users and service engineers to master some knowledge of cold weather maintenance of essential products, the following introduces a few tips for winter maintenance of asphalt equipment, and see if you did this when the winter entered last year?


1, Bearings on the asphalt mixing plant equipment that need to be greased regularly need to be filled with lubricating grease or the oil filling port should be covered to prevent rain and snow water from leaking into the bearing, causing rust.
2, All motors and burners are covered with waterproof cloth to prevent snow and water and moisture.
3, In winter, the alat asphalt mixing plant may become a place to avoid rats in winter, and the location of cable troughs and control rooms must be protected against rats.
4, The belts need to be tensioned during production, and the belts need to be adjusted to loose after winter to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from cracking or deformation of the belt.
5, The cold silos, hot silos and dust silos should be emptied to prevent agglomeration from being damp.
6, Do a good job of cleaning the dust collector, and do a good job of leakproof and waterproof after installation to prevent the cloth bag from getting wet.
7, If production is still required in winter, the lubricating oil of each reducer should be replaced with corresponding winter special oil.

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