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Hot Sale Asphalt Mix Plant 80t

2020-11-19 16:51:28

The control of asphalt mix plant 80t noise, dust emission, harmful gas emission, energy saving and consumption reduction is becoming stricter and stricter. And higher requirements are put forward for the technological development of asphalt mixing plant equipment. In the future, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and recyclable asphalt mixing plant equipment will be widely popularized. With the increasing requirements of users for equipment humanization, automatic control, and intelligent control, the control system of asphalt mix plant equipment will apply a large number of ergonomics design, mechatronics technology, while further improving the measurement accuracy of asphalt mix plant equipment.

asphalt mix plant 80t


The requirements for asphalt mix plant 80t intelligent control and monitoring technology are getting higher and higher. In the future, the control center needs to dynamically monitor all motor reducers, discharge doors, gas and oil pipeline valves, and provide real-time feedback on the operating status of components. The control system of asphalt mixing plant have self-diagnosis, self-repair, automatic fault detection, and real-time alarm functions; establish an equipment operation database, used as the basis for equipment inspection and maintenance; establish a user database, record all mixing ratio measurement data, trace the original ratio parameters and other functions, so as to initially realize unattended automatic production and effectively improve the comfort of strong mixing equipment control, Intuitiveness and ease of operation.


The hardware part of the complete asphalt mix plant 80t equipment control system includes a control room body, a PC console, a PLC control cabinet using German SIEMENS components, an electric drive cabinet group, power cables and accessories, a control cable and accessories, air conditioning, etc.; the software part includes control software unit, the control technology is based on the PLC technology of SIEMENS in Germany. The whole process of asphalt mixture production process can realize automatic control, semi-automatic control and manual control. It can be produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the engineering construction formula, and the animation shows the process flow. Parameter setting and modification are all done through the computer. It has the functions of formula input and storage, automatic correction of splash error, time adjustment, calibration, dynamic tracking of oil-stone ratio, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm, and printing and storage of data reports.

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