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Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer

2022-06-16 17:10:28

Mobile asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer with rich experience can produce mobile drum mix asphalt plant. Asphalt mixing plant is an indispensable production equipment in infrastructure construction, and it is also a complex control system composed of multiple links. In the production of asphalt, the weighing accuracy of ingredients, the construction ratio of ingredients, the moisture content of raw materials and the amount of water supply directly affect the quality of asphalt. In addition, the connection with hardware equipment in the control system, the storage of recipe data, the registration of raw materials in the production process, warehouse management, operator login records, product transportation records and other aspects of management will also directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

mobile asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer

The scientific mix design of asphalt is a manifestation of the technical strength of asphalt production. The operator should implement the idea of serving the next process, and consider the difficulty of the construction site than the design. Asphalt production should carefully study the design of the matching ratio according to the problems reported by the construction unit, and find the law through experiments to make the matching ratio more scientific and reasonable, to ensure smoother construction. The characteristics of mobile asphalt batch mix plant are the diversification of materials and the serialization of strength. Generally, according to the cement strength grade, the coarse and fine aggregate size, and the type of admixture, a number of water-cement ratios with appropriate intervals can be initially designed, and a series of mixing ratio tests can be carried out to prepare the strength selection. Determine the water-cement ratio corresponding to different asphalt strengths, adjust the mix ratio and try mixing. After the trial mix, the workability of the asphalt mixture can be used as the selected mix ratio. The working class extracts an asphalt mixture for each asphalt mix ratio and conducts an asphalt mix ratio analysis test.

Haomei Machinery is a professional mobile asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer base in China, provides you with a comprehensive asphalt batching plant batching system solution, which can achieve precise and continuous control of all links in the asphalt production process. If any user needs to design or transform the batching system of the asphalt mixing plant in the production process, please contact our technical staff, we will tailor a set of efficient and stable for you according to your requirements, fully in line with your company's control. The required asphalt batching plant batching system solution.

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