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Drum Mixing Plant Hot Sale

2022-06-23 17:59:17

The series of drum mixing plant equipment is used to produce asphalt mixtures of various specifications, with advanced technological process, accurate ratio, good dust removal effect, coal as fuel, low energy consumption, economical operation, centralized control, simple structure and reliable performance. The main modules of this series of drum mix asphalt plant equipment can be mobile, and the transition is flexible and convenient.​​

drum mixing plant

The control system of asphalt drum mixing plant has thermal overload protection function, which is safe and reliable. The equipment adopts centralized control, which can realize interlocking operation and stand-alone operation, and is easy to operate. The mixing host drum integrates drying, heating and mixing. The stone material forms an incomplete material curtain in the drying area, and is preheated and moved forward; the material curtain is completely formed in the heating area and rapidly heated; the asphalt is sprayed in the mixing area and fully and uniformly mixed with the stone material.

The feeding system of this series of asphalt drum mix plant equipment can mix the stones of different material diameters in a certain proportion according to the construction ratio requirements, and screen out the over-standard materials with a large diameter through the intermediate filter screen, and the qualified materials are sent through the inclined belt conveyor into the drying drum.

The drum mixing plant equipment absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign drum-type asphalt mixing plant equipment, and has the functions of intermittent mixing equipment drying and mixing zone setting. Features to ensure the quality of asphalt mixture.

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