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Top Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer

2022-06-10 17:42:23

As a top batch mix plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery help you to choose a site for an batch type asphalt mixing plant. In the production, the vibrating screen, mixing cylinder and aggregate drying cylinder of the main part of the asphalt batching mixing plant are the components that generate strong vibration of the whole set of equipment. When we carry out foundation construction, we should pay attention to the foundation pouring of the main station part and the aggregate drying cylinder part, so as to avoid the hidden dangers caused by human factors such as cutting corners during construction and the foundation failing to meet the flatness requirements. Long-term mechanical resonance can cause a M30 high-strength screw to produce mechanical fatigue and break it. Therefore, when we install the foundation, we need to ensure that the same horizontal plane of the foundation does not exceed the range of ±2cm of the elevation, so as to reduce the harm caused by equipment resonance.

batch mix plant manufacturer

The site selected for the asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer is divided into two types: soft foundation and field according to the geological conditions. The field generally has a relatively hard soil quality. As for the base material, after lofting and excavation, the filling degree after excavation must be carefully investigated and researched, and then different treatment techniques are selected to reinforce the foundation at the bottom of the foundation. Generally, plum blossom wood piles, vibrating casings, etc., or increasing the area of the bottom foundation to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation and prevent the future from cracking or subsidence of the foundation will bring hidden dangers to the equipment and production of the asphalt batch mix plant.

In the construction and production process of asphalt mixing plant, the generation of industrial noise and dust is unavoidable. Batch mix plant manufacturer will do some measurement to collect produced duct and recycle it. While selecting the site and considering the size of the installation site, we need to pay attention that the asphalt plant should be kept as far away as possible from residential areas and farmland, so as to avoid the impact of noise and dust pollution generated by the mixing plant on the lives of residents. The second consideration is the use of power and water resources in the asphalt mixing station.

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