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LB mixer asphalt mixing plant

2020-03-11 18:38:55

LB series mixer asphalt mixing plant can produce high-quality asphalt of various proportions with a production capacity of 60 t / H ~ 400 T / h. The product technology is mature, the operation is stable, the specification and model are complete, the efficiency is high, the output is large, and the quality of finished asphalt is high. It is suitable for road construction projects of various scales and grades, and has more obvious advantages in large-scale road construction projects and high-grade road construction projects.

 mixer asphalt mixing plant

The LB series asphalt mixing plant equipment adopt the world's advanced pulse bag type dust removal technology, the smoke emission is less than 20mg/nm3, which conforms to the international high environmental protection standard. The asphalt mixing plant adopt full automatic / manual control system with fault self diagnosis feedback program, simple and stable operation. The drying cylinder of LB series asphalt mixing plant has the features of:
1, Siemens motor is equipped with gear reducer with hard tooth surface, which is driven by friction, and the drum rotates smoothly;
2, The optimized material plate design makes the heating uniform and provides energy utilization efficiency;
3, 50mm insulation and stainless steel surface to reduce heat loss.

The burner of LB series mixer asphalt mixing plant has the advantages of:
1, It adopts imported oil / gas burners from Italy or independently developed high-quality coal burners with full combustion and high energy utilization;
2, It is equipped with automatic stop fire device for burner fault, automatic fault diagnosis device, fault inspection guide device, etc.


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