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Asphalt mixing plant 90 ton/h for sale

2020-03-04 18:21:25

If you are looking for asphalt mixing plant 90 ton/h for sale, you can select Haomei as your manufacturer, we have rich experience, good reputation and reasonable price! The whole set of 90ton/h asphalt mixing plant equipment is composed of mixing plant host, heat conduction and heating asphalt equipment, pulse bag type dust or water dust removal system, asphalt mixture finished product bin (selected by customers) and other systems. The key components are assembled by brand products. The whole set of equipment is compact in structure and reasonable in layout. The module layered system is assembled separately, with stable operation performance. The control adopts PLC microcomputer automatic control, with stable performance.

asphalt mixing plant 90 ton/h for sale

The detailed specification of 90ton/h asphalt mixing plant for sale are:
1. Production capacity: 90 tons / hour.
2. Mixer capacity: 2000 kg / batch.
3. Dust emission concentration: less than 100 mg / n.m3.
4. Environmental noise: less than 85 dB.
5. Full automatic PLC control.

How to choose the supplier of asphalt mixing plant 90 ton/h for sale? That is to find a formal and qualified manufacturer. We can first inform the other manufacture of the asphalt mixing plant products we need, and let him make a quotation. The main thing is that the product performance and environmental problems should meet the standards.

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