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Harga asphalt mixing plant mini

2020-03-19 17:40:14

The harga asphalt mixing plant mini is not high because the structure is simple, it is easy to operate and maintain, the cost is low. Asphalt mixing plant can be divided into small, medium and large ones according to the production capacity. Small scale, i.e. the productivity is below 40t / h; medium scale, i.e. the productivity is 40-400t / h; large scale, i.e. the productivity is above 400t / h. The asphalt mixing plant can be divided into mobile type, semi fixed type and fixed type according to the transportation mode (migration mode). Mobile type, i.e. with tires for silos and mixers, can be transferred along with the construction site, which is suitable for county and township roads and low-grade road projects.

harga asphalt mixing plant mini

Mini asphalt mixing plant is more and more popular in small road construction projects, especially in rural and township areas. This kind of equipment is small in size, easy to operate and has strong adaptability to various construction sites. Mini asphalt mixing plant can mix even asphalt mixture with high quality. Haomei machinery strives to produce small asphalt mixing plant according to different needs of customers, with a production capacity of 40 tons / hour to 100 tons / hour. Small asphalt mixing plant has the advantages of unique design, reliable performance and good mixing performance. In the same manufacturing industry, the price of mini asphalt mixing plant is more reasonable. The small asphalt mixing plant sold by Haomei machinery has a large market share at home and abroad. It is trusted by customers. Choosing Haomei machinery will bring you a surprise experience.

Small harga asphalt mixing plant mini common points are the initial investment is small, cost-effective, suitable for small paving projects. They also have their own unique advantages: the output is 40 ~ 400t / h, modular structure, convenient installation, transportation and relocation; the drying drum integrates drying, heating and mixing, with less heat loss; the internal structure is optimized, with fast heating speed and good mixing effect.

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