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Asphalt plant manufacturers companies

2020-05-21 15:44:54

Asphalt plant manufacturers companies in China can offer asphalt mixing plant equipment with high performance, long service life, high burning rate and low cost. The specific requirements for the selection of asphalt mixing plant equipment are: Performance requirements of the whole machine, the production capacity meets the requirements and appropriate. The gradation composition of the mixed asphalt mixture should meet the requirements. The allowable error of the stone ratio is within ± 0.3%.

asphalt plant manufacturers companies

The asphalt mixing plant equipment on the basis of its structural composition, the key components are the drying and mixing system (double drum) are designed and analyzed, and the performance of the burner is carried out. The Marshall test of asphalt mixture and the test and analysis of emissions and noise show that continuous asphalt mixing plant equipment has obvious advantages over batch mixing equipment in terms of thermal efficiency, proportion of added recycled materials, metering accuracy and environmental protection. Finally, the asphalt hot mixing technology was introduced, and the continuous mixing equipment was used to perform the mixing of the warm mixed asphalt recycled mixture. The rut test, the longitudinal strain test of the pavement and the pavement fatigue test proved that the continuous asphalt mixing equipment was used to stir the warm mixed recycled asphalt mixtures can not only increase the proportion of recycled materials, but also have higher road performance and longer life.


This asphalt plant manufacturers companies studies the structure, production process and mixture performance of a continuous asphalt mixing equipment. At the same time, it analyzes the application of warm mixing technology on continuous mixing equipment. Through the actual application of the equipment, relevant tests and The test gives the technical advantages of continuous mixing equipment, and provides a reference for the promotion and application of this equipment in China.

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