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Hot mix asphalt plant for sale - Haomei

2019-04-25 16:38:50

Hot mix asphalt plant for sale refers to a certain proportion of aggregate and asphalt are separately heated to prescribed temperature and then mixed uniformly into hot asphalt mixture. The hot mix asphalt plant is regard as an important machine inroad construction and repair project.

hot mix asphalt plant for sale

The hot mixing plant requires a thorough inspection before work. For example, check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose; whether there is any surplus material in the mixing machine; whether the transmission belt runs off; whether the installation of each unit and auxiliary equipment is correct; whether the asphalt pipeline joint is leaking; whether the electrical system is intact, whether the computer control is normal, etc. If the fault is founded, it should be eliminated immediately, so that the hot mix asphalt plant can be operated without disease, and the mixing quality of the hot mix asphalt mixture is ensured.

The control is to ensure that the first mixing of the asphalt mixing equipment meets the requirements of the specification. When the asphalt mixing equipment is started, it is generally carried out against the transportation process. The cold material conveyor and the dosing device can be started when the drying cylinder reaches a certain temperature. The mixer should be pre-mixed with hot sand stone two or three times before the formal mixing of the finished material to preheat the mixer housing. In the case of formal mixing of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, the hot sand stone and the stone powder should be dry mixed in the mixer for 10 to 15 seconds, and then sprayed into the asphalt mixture. In the work, the feeding should be uniform to prevent the accumulation of materials in the hoppers of the hot silo and the phenomenon of tandem binning, which affects the mixing ratio of sand and gravel.

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