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Asphalt mixing plant china LB series

2019-04-18 16:02:45

Asphalt mixing plant china LB series have the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, environmental protection, energy saving and reasonable structure. In order to achieve the high mixing efficiency, buying a qualified asphalt mixing plant is a good idea, but it is not enough, we also need to pay attention to the daily operation and maintenance.

asphalt mixing plant china

The operation steps and points of the LB series China asphalt mixing plant are:
1. Before each shift, press the oil pump several times to fill the transmission part.
2. After turning on the power, first start the main motor, check whether the direction of the rubber conveying spiral rotation is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is inconsistent, replace the power phase line. Note that this check is performed each time the power is turned back on.
3. Connect the hose and nozzle. Add 5 liters of clean water to the hopper, start the motor and pump out the water to wet the hopper, pump body and conveying hose. After pumping most of the water out, you can stop it.
4. Add the proportioned mortar to the hopper, start the air compressor and the damper, and start mixing process.
5. After the work is finished, immediately drain the remaining material in the hopper, and inject enough water into the hopper to thoroughly clean the hopper, and then pump it out to clean the hose and nozzle until the pump is full of clean water. Only after the cleaning is over. In order to avoid the condensation of the remaining material in the hopper, hose and nozzle, plugging the hose and the nozzle, affecting the service life of the asphalt mixing plant china.

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