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Asphalt mix plant supplier teach you the operation precautions

2019-01-08 15:49:12

Professional asphalt mix plant supplier focus on the technology development and do effort to improve the mixing efficiency. As for the current that the asphalt mixing station cannot be used normally due to irregular operation, the relative situation has occurred in recent years. How to do the safe operation of the asphalt mixing plant? What are the operation precautions for the asphalt mixing plant?

asphalt mix plant supplier

1. The asphalt mixing plant should be as close as possible to the construction work surface. The construction site should have a convenient, safe and reliable power source, and the construction interference is small and the environment is safe.
2. Understand the construction work surface and construction requirements, and the requirements for mixing materials.
3. Understand whether the asphalt mix plant has additives, in particular, the aggregate should not be greater than 1/3 of the conveying pipe.
4. Check whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, whether the various instruments are normal, and the operation switches, buttons and handles of the various parts are at the specified positions.
5. Check the water volume of the water tank and observe whether there is oil or turbidity. If necessary, the turbid water should be drained and fresh water should be filled.
6. Check the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil level, oil quality and oil quantity, all of which should meet the requirements. If the power is a generator, the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water should also be checked.
7. Check for chores and slag in the hopper. The mixing blades should be in good condition.
8. Check the clearance of each part in the valve. When it exceeds the limit, it should be adjusted to check whether the connection parts are loose.
9. Check the tightness of the drive chain to keep it in the specified position. If it is too tight, it needs to be adjusted.
10. The asphalt mix plant supplier suggest that the arrangement of the conveying pipe should minimize the number of bending pipes. The connection of each pipe must be strict. The conveying pipe and the conveying pump should be supported stably to reduce the vibration.

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