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Advantages of LB asphalt batching plant for sale

2019-05-08 15:30:27

Haomei LB asphalt batching plant for sale has high mixing quality of aggregate, asphalt and mineral powder won good reputation on the road paving construction project. The processing of asphalt mixing plant including drying the cold aggregate, heating, hot mix with asphalt and mineral powder under appropriate ratio. To achieve uniform mixing quality and high mixing efficiency, the asphalt mixing plant manufacturers have engaged in improving the performance of every parts of asphalt mixing plant for sale.

asphalt batching plant for sale

1, Precise and stable weighing module
The weighing system of LB asphalt batching plant adopts the pressure sensor structure, the international famous brand component sensor module, and the analog quantity is connected to the PLC processing mode. It has the characteristics of fully meeting or exceeding the international famous brand's measurement accuracy, good working stability and strong anti-interference ability. The precise design of the center of gravity, the use of anti-wear measures, and the fully ventilated heat-resistant soft connection interface enable the accuracy of the measurement to be guaranteed throughout the construction process.
2, The burner
LB asphalt batching plant adopts international famous brand burner, low pressure atomization and frequency conversion control to ensure stable quality, full combustion, safe and reliable, green and environmental protection, and the drying heating efficiency is improved by 1%-5%, and it is suitable for any working condition.
3, Screening system
Adopt vibrating screen designed by advanced technology, driven by vibration motor, it has longer life and maintenance-free. The optimal combination of vibration direction angle and screen box inclination, as well as sufficient screen area, guarantees the strict grading ratio and screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. The ability to efficiently and reliably handle different types of ingredients.
4, Double-layer large capacity hot aggregate system
Double-layer hot aggregate silo system, large-capacity silo configuration, the output port adopts precise weighing door structure and maintenance-free technology. Optimized silo structure and material space to ensure the time of aggregate accumulative weighing and stable measurement accuracy. The silo unit of asphalt batching plant for sale is provided with a continuous level indicator and a temperature detecting device. There are overflow lines and negative pressure pipe channels. 

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