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Harga Asphalt Mixing Plant LB 1000 China

2021-12-30 15:16:54

Harga asphalt mixing plant lb 1000 china is affordable with reliable key component and advanced duct collector. Environmental friendly design and operation are green and energy-saving, asphalt mixing plant LB1000 equipment has the advantages of compact structure, high operating efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, economical and practical, and quality, it is very popular in the asphalt mixing equipment industry.

harga asphalt mixing plant lb 1000 china

Environment friendly asphalt mixing plant equipment can use quicklime, sand, mineral powder, wood fiber, asphalt, etc. as raw materials to produce asphalt mixtures. The LB1000 asphalt mixing plant machine has the characteristics of compact structure, excellent performance, reliable quality and energy saving. The machine is easy to use and maintain, and it is an ideal equipment for the production of asphalt concrete. With low harga asphalt mixing plant lb 1000 china, the equipment is suitable for the construction of high-grade highways, airports and docks, and meets the needs of urban road construction by highway bureaus and municipal companies.

The harga asphalt mixing plant lb 1000 china is welcomed on the market, not only because of the low price, but also have the following advantages:
1, The overall structure of asphalt mixing plant lb 1000 adopts the technology of Italy, Finland and other countries and is self-developed based on domestic and foreign market conditions. The asphalt mixing machine has the characteristics of compact layout, excellent performance, high utilization, reliable quality and energy saving.
2, Asphalt mixing plant equipment can be arranged as S-shaped, L-shaped, straight-line, etc. according to customer needs. The structure is compact, making full use of the customer's plant, saving space, and improving the utilization rate of the plant.
3, The dust removal system is arranged on both sides of the rear of the asphalt mixing plant, and the material transportation vehicles can receive and pass the material at the bottom of the asphalt mixing plant.

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