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Asphalt Plant Batch Mixing

2022-01-07 16:22:51

The asphalt plant batch mixing is a kind of construction equipment with excellent performance have been widely used. In the production and use of asphalt, an important process of mixing, the design of the asphalt mixing plant's mixing mechanism is related to the mixing quality and efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt plant batch mixing

An important indicator to measure the performance of asphalt plant batch mixing equipment is the efficiency and effect of asphalt mixing. If the large scale asphalt mixing equipment independently developed and produced by our country wants to occupy a certain market in the world and receive widespread attention, it must take mixing technology as the core to effectively improve the actual effect and efficiency of asphalt mixing plant.

The heating system of the modified asphalt batch mixing equipment can be modified on the basis of the original oil burner to increase the gas function, or it can be directly replaced with an oil or gas dual-purpose burner or a gas burner.
1, Modification of the burner
The burner used in the asphalt plant batch mixing equipment is of the fuel oil type, which can meet the gas demand without affecting its fuel oil function. It is convenient to use the original burner body to add a low-speed cuff at the burner nozzle and equip a set of gas pipeline components. Remove the low-speed cuff ring when fueling, and use the original fuel line to restore its fuel function.
2, Change the burner
The burner of asphalt batch mixing plant can also be directly exchanged to achieve the purpose of changing oil to gas. Asphalt mixing plant equipment can choose the burner according to its actual situation.

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