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Asphalt Plants For Sale

2022-01-13 15:00:46

Generally, there are two types of asphalt plants for sale on the market: batch type and continuous type. The continuous process is simple and the equipment is simplified. For intermittent forced asphalt mixing equipment, due to the secondary screening of aggregates, various components are measured in batches, and forced stirring and mixing can reliably ensure the gradation, and the measurement of powder and asphalt can also achieve quite high accuracy. The asphalt mixture produced by forced type asphalt mixing plant is of good quality and can meet various construction requirements.

asphalt plants for sale

The fully intelligent management and control system are adopt on asphalt plants for sale, they realizes remote operation and office work. In the centralized control room far from the production area, the operation and monitoring of multiple asphalt mixing plants in the park can be performed, and the office environment is the same as that in a high-end office building. In the production area of the asphalt plant, intelligent management systems such as the automatic feeding system and the automatic production management system make all auxiliary equipment such as loaders disappear, and the staff is reduced to one person. The source of dust pollution caused by auxiliary machinery has also been eliminated, and the era of environmental change in production areas has come to efficient, less people, more environmentally friendly.

How much does it cost to build asphalt plants for sale? This depends on your actual situation. Usually, the asphalt mixing plant cost is determined by the daily output. The investment of a small scale asphalt mixing plant with capacity of 40-80 ton per hour is about 100 million, while with a output of 120 to 130 tons, the investment is large. When building an asphalt mixing plant, when purchasing machines, the prices of different types of machines vary greatly.

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