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Harga Alat Asphalt Mixing Plant

2022-09-02 15:52:27

Harga alat asphalt mixing plant is related with the models, configurations, different manufacturers and so on. The alat asphalt mixing plant have various models from small to large, the models of each asphalt mixing plant manufacturer are different, the approximate price is, 1000 type asphalt mixing plant - 200,000-400,000 dollars, 2000 type asphalt mixing plant 600,000-1,000,000 dollars, 3000 type asphalt mixing plant 700, 000 - 1,200,000, 4000 type asphalt mixing plant 1,200,000 - 2, 000,000 dollars. The price of asphalt mixing plant is mainly depends on what is your desired production capacity. If you choose asphalt mixing plant modes bigger than use, it is waste of resources, if you choose asphalt mixing plant small than use, it will be in short supply.

The 2000 type asphalt batch mixing plant equipment means that the maximum production capacity of each pot is 2 Ton, and the shortest production time is generally 45S/pot. The rated output is 120T/hour-160T/hour. For personal investment, it is best to get a 3000 type asphalt mixing plant model, which is enough. If the quantity is relatively large, you can buy two set of LB3000 asphalt mixing plant, the overall harga alat asphalt mixing plant won’t be high. Besides of harga asphalt mixing plant, you still need to rent a place and get approval, buy the materials.

harga alat asphalt mixing plant

All in all, the harga alat asphalt mixing plant is mainly depends on how much output you need. At least you need to buy a harga asphalt mixing plant, rent a space, and the mixed building has a size. It is also necessary to produce and quote emulsified asphalt equipment, and to store asphalt tanks.

Different brands and different configurations have different harga alat asphalt mixing plant. In addition to ask for asphalt mixing plant equipment price, we still nee to pay attention to the service, and the service attitude of Haomei Machinery is good, no need to worry about installation. However, now the environmental protection requirements are relatively high, and many will directly choose a high-configuration asphalt mixing plant. Buying equipment is also a lot of money, it is better to consult with the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in person, welcome to inquiry by email!

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