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Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant

2022-08-18 15:07:49

The batch asphalt mixing plant equipment adopt design of the intermittent drying drum and the twin-shaft mixing cylinder ensures thorough mixing and good quality of finished materials. The forced batch type asphalt mixing plant generally batches every 45 seconds, so an asphalt batch mixing plant with a mixing tank capacity of 1500KG can produce 120 tons per hour (tph). The advantage of a forced batch asphalt mixing plant is that the quality of the finished asphalt mixture is high and no aggregate is wasted. Another advantage is the ability to switch mix sizes as needed.

batch asphalt mixing plant

How to improve the working efficiency of batch asphalt mixing plant?
1, Parameter setting.
When using the batch type asphalt mixing plant to produce asphalt, the temperature of the hot pot can be observed through the temperature controller, but there is a certain difference between the information displayed by the temperature controller and the actual temperature, and the generation of this error does not have much impact on the processing quality. If the information entered by the staff when setting the temperature is accurate, there will be no problem with the produced asphalt. It can be seen that the parameter setting needs to be paid more attention.

2, Be careful to avoid dampness of the asphalt batch mixing plant equipment.
When transporting and storing the asphalt mixing plant, pay attention to avoid the equipment from getting wet, because there are many circuit devices inside it, which may cause quality problems or even damage if it gets wet. This is also an important point to consider in order to improve production efficiency.

3, When installing and using the batch asphalt mixing plant, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the equipment is grounded. Before starting the equipment, it must be preheated in time, so that the temperature standard can be reached in a short period of time, so as to enter the normal asphalt production process.

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