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Top features of fixed asphalt mixing plant supplier

2018-08-03 16:19:58

The asphalt mixing plants can be subdivided into mobile asphalt mixing plants and fixed asphalt mixing plants. The mobile asphalt mixing plant has tires, the transition is convenient and flexible, and the production capacity is a little lower. Fixed asphalt mixing plant supplier needs to use concrete to build the foundation while install the equipment, and then fix the equipment on it. For large road construction project, the fixed type is more suitable.

 fixed asphalt mixing plant supplier

There are some unique features of the fixed asphalt mixing plants, since the production of asphalt mixture can be concentrated and mixed with high mixing efficiency, which can save a lot of energy, and is not affected by the weather, the size and quantity of the pit, and can be taken use according to the actual amount, can repair the road surface in time, so that the road surface is always kept flat to ensure the smooth flow of the road, and to reduce the number of repairs and workload of the road surface. The remaining material can continue to be used without waste. Significant green environmental protection and social benefits, the production and use of asphalt mixture will not produce too much bitumen black smoke and waste, will not cause much environmental pollution, is conducive to environmental protection, and will not affect the health of production workers.

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