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Safety construction of asphalt mixing plants for sale

2018-07-25 15:18:18

The mixing efficiency of the asphalt mixing plants for sale is not only the hard requirement of the mixing plant accessories, but also the key to the safety construction and the surrounding environment. The safety construction of the asphalt mixing plant is the guarantee for normal production and finish the project task on time. The safety construction need accumulated by years of experience, nut now we can give you some tips.

asphalt mixing plants for sale 

To ensure the safety of the asphalt mixing plants for sale, we need to pay attention to the following points:
1. To construction workers
All personnel involved in the mixing work must undergo rigorous training and guidance process. It must be ensured that each operator can master the professional knowledge and operational skills. Unfamiliar operators can not operate single to ensure safety;
2. Security inspection of asphalt mixing plant for sale:
Before each operation, it is necessary to test the asphalt mixing plant and accessories to ensure safe operation of the equipment during construction;
3. Peripheral safety facilities around the asphalt mixing plant
If it is necessary, set up protective fence around the asphalt mixing plant. Except for the asphalt mixing operators, others should not enter the construction area to avoid accidents;
4. Night works
When working at night, ensure the lighting of the construction site, but the voltage should be controlled below 36v.

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