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Characteristics of asphalt mixing plant for sale

2017-10-19 17:13:16

Asphalt mixing plant for sale is a kind of equipment to dry and heat the certain proportion of cold aggregate, and stir with asphalt and mineral powder with appropriate proportion under the specified temperature. It will complete the work of preparation excellent asphalt concrete mixture. As the core of an asphalt mixing plant, the system have many features. Seamless integration with the IPC system, reasonable business process management, complete function modules, rationality of software, ease use of operation, operation stability, flexibility and diversity, data security, system versatility, instant messaging, and multiple sets of management model.

asphalt mixing plant for sale

When it comes to other characteristics,we have more words to say! The intermittent drying drum and double horizontal shaft mixing cylinder overall design, makes the mixing more thoroughly efficient and reliable. The modular cold material supply system makes the quality of finished material is better. Stable weighing system makes the measurement accurate and stable. The whole structure is simple, easy to operate. PLC programmable centralized control, touch screen operation, automatic and manual type switch freely. Screening system built on rigorous testing base, double-layer large-capacity thermal aggregate, finished material lifting mechanism is green and environment protect. Mobile chassis structure, so that the transport and installation is fast and convenient. Coal-fired and fuel burner dual-use type, pulverized coal drying system can be used according to user needs.

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