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Hot fixed asphalt mixing plant control system

2018-08-17 15:53:02

The hot fixed asphalt mixing plant is based on the stable and reliable control system and achieves high control level, long-term, large-load stable work. As a high-quality computer with high configuration of human-machine interface, it realizes operational functions such as system data management, history recording, and operation parameter adjustment. The control interface can be quick start, and convenient and reliable control.

 hot fixed asphalt mixing plant

The hot fixed asphalt mixing plant control system technology has the following features:
1, The animation of the batching process shows that the level of the material level, the opening and closing of the valve, and the current weight.
2, Under normal circumstances, continuous production can be carried out in an automatic manner, and the operator can also manually suspend manual intervention.
3, Powerful protection reminder function, interlocking protection of equipment, overweight protection of mixing tank, overweight protection of asphalt, storage inspection of storage silos, etc.
4, Formula is automatically stored. Recipe input is entered as a percentage.
5, With powerful database storage function, the fixed asphalt mixing plant can print raw data and statistical data for users.
6, Stirring time, unloading time, delay discharge time and other parameters are placed in the mixing parameters, advanced parameters, etc., for the operator to fine-tune according to the mechanical properties, the characteristics of the ingredients.
7, Have flexible mandatory intervention functions, such as feeding and jumping.
8, The peeling and calibration of the measuring bin can be completed by simply clicking the mouse.
9, The system adopts accurate and stable weighing module, which has the measurement accuracy of famous brand asphalt equipment, and the work is stable and reliable. In the production process, real-time automatic/manual correction of the batching error can be performed to improve the batching accuracy.
10, The system can be switched freely manually/automatically, just by ensuring that the mixing tank has been emptied.
11, Finished material lifting storage system adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric pulse and proximity switch combined with precise and positioning finished lifting mechanism, trolley adopts photoelectric pulse encoder to record trolley position to control the running speed and position of each section, accurate positioning. 

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