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Drum mixed asphalt plant equipment structure

2020-09-03 16:41:50

The drum mixed asphalt plant is welcomed on the market because of the low cost, easy operation, fast installation and delivery. The drum mix asphalt plant save the mixer of asphalt mixture compared with batch type asphalt mixing plant, so the equipment investment is reduced, and this is the first reason why people want to purchase drum type asphalt mixing plant.


drum mixed asphalt plant


The equipment structure of continuous drum mixed asphalt plant are:
1, Cold aggregate supply metering device
Since the various materials of the continuous drum mix asphalt plant equipment are continuously supplied and discharged, in order to ensure the gradation ratio of the cold aggregate, an electronic belt scale is installed between the collection belt and the collection conveyor behind the feeder. The electronic belt scale is composed of weighing and speed sensors and control devices. After collecting the material weight and instantaneous belt speed of the aggregate belt of the weighing and speed sensor grid, it is output to the control device to amplify and compare with the set value, and then change the speed of the speed-regulating motor to make the feeding amount of the feeder Within the required range.

2, Dry mixing station
The continuous drum mix asphalt plant equipment is used for drying and heating the cold aggregate by the dry drum, and the mixing with the sprinkling is completed. Its external and internal structure, matching burners, drum driving device and many other places are similar to those of forced drying drum. The aggregate drying adopts a downstream heating method. There are blades that can form a curtain in the mixer, and the whole drum is divided into four process zones.
The damp-cold orthopedics and stone powder are mixed in the cold mixing zone from the feed port and then mixed in the cold mixing zone. After entering the drying heating zone, they are under the action of the radiant heat of the flame and the conduction heat of the cylinder. Orthopedics are dried and heated to the maximum. There is a wide funnel-shaped blade with a grid bottom in the curtain area. When rotating with the drum, the aggregate is brought up and the tears are withdrawn and scattered along the cross section of Jane, then a circular material curtain is formed. The material curtain blocks the flame and allows the heat to pass through. The aggregate particles thrown into the material curtain are fully exposed to the hot flame and are quickly dried, and the temperature rises sharply. In the mixing area of drum mixed asphalt plant, the asphalt is sprayed from the nozzle and the hot aggregate is mixed in this area. The mixing work is completed by the lifting and removing blades.

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