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haomei asphalt concrete batch plant
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Asphalt batching plant manufacturers

2020-09-10 14:31:31

Haomei is one of the top professional asphalt batching plant manufacturers in China, with strong strength and over 20 years’ experience. The use of wear-resistant high-iron high-steel materials which has a long service cycle and can meet the material requirements of highways, railways, bridges, tunnels and other engineering projects. The Haomei LB series asphalt batching plant is the most ideal equipment for creating sand-gravel asphalt mixing in highways, high-speed railways and other fields.


asphalt batching plant manufacturers


The asphalt mixture production of asphalt batching plant must establish a complete quality assurance system, establish a quality manual and complete procedural documents, strengthen original records, and implement quality management in all aspects from raw material admission, production, and finished product inspection to effectively ensure product quality. A strict and effective equipment management system of asphalt mixing plant is the guarantee for the normal operation of the batch type asphalt mixing plant. After the asphalt mixing plant is put into operation, it is necessary to do a good job in equipment maintenance, maintenance plans and spare parts management, so as to improve production efficiency and ensure economic benefits.


The asphalt mixing plant has its particularity, it occupies a huge space, the system is complex, and the structure of different asphalt batching plant manufacturers is very different. On this production line, every link will produce pollution. These pollution factors mainly include flue gas, dust, sewage, odor and noise. The current asphalt mixing plant manufacturers almost strive to take measures from all links to reduce or even eliminate pollution. If we simply judge the technical routes of various manufacturers, it can be said that there is no big "generation gap" between different brands. For example: the use of cleaner natural gas for the problem of combustion exhaust gas, the use of various collection and high-efficiency filtration systems such as bag dust removal for dust, the installation of collection, degradation or combustion systems for asphalt smoke, sound insulation and enclosed facilities for noise installation, and water mist Means such as spraying and road hardening. Finally, the asphalt batching plant and the material pile must be enclosed in a steel structure workshop.

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