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Bitumen batching plant construction locations

2020-08-27 15:52:23

Bitumen batching plant is also known as batch type asphalt mixing plant, Haomei manufacturing with mixing capacity of 40-400ton/h. With the development of society, the development of infrastructure is getting faster and faster. It goes without saying that the market application of our asphalt mixing plant is gradually increasing. Many users and manufacturers have seen the market development power of this industry and have invested in it. Therefore, in this process, the choice of construction location is the key. The location of the asphalt mixing plant is directly related to the later operation.

bitumen batching plant


Generally speaking, there are three main aspects to choose a suitable construction location for an asphalt mixing plant.
1, One aspect is that the user needs to be familiar with the direction of the construction site line, because the transportation distance of the raw material asphalt directly affects the quality of the asphalt, so it is necessary to consider when choosing the address of the asphalt mixing plant to make it as close as possible to the site. The manufacturer also needs to confirm the distribution of the asphalt according to the construction drawings, so that it can locate the approximate middle position of the asphalt mixing plant.
2, On the other hand, manufacturers need to master and understand the basic elements of the asphalt batching plant, such as the water, electricity, and floor space required during the work of the asphalt mixing plant.
3, Another aspect that needs attention is the surrounding environment of the construction site. Bitumen batching plant is a processing base with a high degree of mechanization. Therefore, the dust, noise and other pollution generated during the processing will be more serious. Therefore, when choosing the construction location, it is necessary to avoid schools and residential groups as much as possible to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

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