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Stationary drum mix asphalt plant

2020-08-21 16:38:55

The stationary drum mix asphalt plant is also called as continuous asphalt mixing plant because of the uninterrupted asphalt production process. Different from the batch type asphalt mixing plant, the mixing of aggregate, powder and asphalt in the continuous asphalt mixing plant is carried out in the drying drum. Therefore, the drying drum here is called the drum mixing pot, and the length of drum mix plant is much longer than that of the batch asphalt mixing plant.


stationary drum mix asphalt plant


The characteristic of this technological innovation is that under the condition of precise inspection of raw materials, a simple and economical drying cylinder can ensure high productivity and high quality of finished materials. There are two different types of continuous drum mix asphalt plant: downstream heating drum mixing pot (the simplest and cheapest mixing plant) and countercurrent heating mixing station (from the perspective of heat exchange, this mixing Stations are more efficient). Like the traditional asphalt mixing plant, the asphalt produced in the drying mixing drum will be sent to the storage warehouse, then unloaded into the transport truck, and then transported to the road construction site.


The performance characteristics of the stationary drum mix asphalt plant are:
1, Integrated design of dust removal and drying, compact structure, small footprint, and high thermal efficiency;
2, Modular design, a variety of layout options, suitable for installation in narrow, complex, and irregular sites, and the footprint is reduced by 33% compared with traditional structures;
3, The self-developed dual frequency conversion burner has higher combustion efficiency and better oil adaptability.

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