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Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer

2020-12-24 16:39:18

Haomei Machinery is a drum mix plant manufacturer based in China who produce drum-type asphalt mixing plant which is easy to operate and has high output. The new type of asphalt drum mixing plant equipment, which absorbs the world's advanced technology, greatly reduces the consumption rate and reduces costs for customers. The international cutting-edge weighing technology is used in the drum mix asphalt plant to ensure the accurate weighing of all materials. Compared with the traditional asphalt mixing plant, it is a revolutionary innovation.


drum mix plant manufacturer


The heating and mixing of aggregate, the addition of asphalt and powder are all realized in the same drum of asphalt mixing plant. The finished bitumen is continuously loaded into trucks or input into finished product silos. In the production process of asphalt mixture, there are strict requirements for temperature of asphalt drum mix plant. If the temperature is too high, the asphalt is easy to scorch and has no use value and must be thrown away. If the temperature is too low, the asphalt and sandstone will stick unevenly. During the production process, we must observe carefully, make frequent measurements, and have a high sense of quality responsibility. There are certain requirements for the burning oil in the asphalt mixing plant, generally burning diesel, heavy diesel or heavy oil. During construction, it is cheaper to burn, and mixed oil is sometimes burned. This kind of oil has low combustion value and less heat, which seriously affects the heating capacity of the drying cylinder.


Asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer currently generally use dry secondary bag dust removal, which is made of special materials with small pores, good air permeability and high temperature resistance. The price is expensive, but the effect is good, and it can meet the environmental protection requirements.

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