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Asphalt Mix Plant Mini

2021-01-07 17:26:44

Asphalt mix plant mini equipment 40-100 ton/h, which will save your investment cost and bring great profit. The asphalt mixing plant equipment is developing rapidly. At present, it is basically fixed asphalt mixing plant equipment. The main difference is the location of finished product warehouse, dust removal method, whether to configure regeneration equipment, etc. The mobile asphalt mixing plant equipment is also available at present, and the advantage is that it is convenient to move, but the output is not high; containerized equipment is convenient to transport, but the output will be limited.

asphalt mix plant mini

According to production capacity, the asphalt mixing plant can be divided into: small, medium and large size. Small size means that the productivity is below 40t/h; medium size means that the productivity is 40 to 200t/h; large size means that the productivity is above 200t/h. The performance advantages of the asphalt mix plant mini equipment are:
1, The energy consumption is super low, the output is large, and the energy consumption is relatively small under the same output conditions;
2, Simple and reliable structure, low failure rate, convenient for transition and maintenance;
3, Asphalt recycling equipment can be added as needed;
4, No need for concrete foundation, as long as the ground is flat and firm;
5, The continuous supply ensures the continuity of the mixing and production line;
6, Advanced weighing technology ensures the accuracy of measurement and the quality of asphalt;
7, International leading control design concept, easy to operate.

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