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Asphalt Mix Plant 80t h

2020-12-17 16:09:13

The asphalt mix plant 80t h is a small model of asphalt mixing plant with productivity of 80 ton per hour. The model of asphalt mixing plant 80 ton/h is LB1000 in Haomei Machinery. The responsibility of the maintenance team of asphalt mix plant 80t h is to inspect the machinery and equipment in the workshop every day, make suggestions and criticisms on the illegal operations of the operators on the post, guide or assist the operators in troubleshooting the asphalt mixing plant equipment failure, and the operation and defects of the machinery and equipment, as well as the main components, the wear and tear are inspected, tested, and recorded.

asphalt mix plant 80t h

Carrying out inspections during equipment operation is an important part of maintenance work. For various failures of the equipment, check whether the connecting bolts of the vibrator are loose in the mixer; check the quality of the lubricant in the crankcase of the air compressor. Abnormal phenomena and defects will be displayed through various phenomena during operation and are easy to find. Some asphalt mixing plant equipment problems can be analyzed and judged more accurately during operation. Sometimes, adjustments, tightening, oiling, etc. can be used to troubleshoot problems without stopping the machine. At present, if some operators make correct judgments on various factors through the means of listening, touching, seeing and measuring, this requires certain experience and technical level. Listen to the sounds of gears, rolling shaft zeros, and couplings. Touch the temperature rise of the bearing, lubrication and cooling system. Look at the discharge, load, oil, water, gas, wind, and ash leakage. Measuring current, temperature, flow and pressure conditions.

The inspection and maintenance of the asphalt mix plant 80t h equipment during operation can only observe the appearance or partial conditions of the asphalt mixing plant equipment, but the main accuracy of the equipment is not easy to understand in depth during operation, or cannot be understood due to the scope of work, time, and conditions. Through the detection of the main accuracy of the asphalt mix plant equipment, it is possible to grasp the basic technical status and completeness of the equipment, accurately determine the cause of the failure, and provide a basis for maintenance work.

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