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China asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers

2018-11-14 15:01:30

 The aggregate hot reclaimed drying heating system is an important feature of the product supplied by china asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers. This is because in the specific work, the system uses counter current heating to fully dehydrate the cold aggregate and heat it to a certain temperature, thus providing the necessary conditions for the continuous operation of the asphalt mixing plant.

china asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers

In this process, the main role of dry heating system is to make the performance of the mixture more in line with the requirements of use, and to help the finished material have good paving performance. Typically, the heating temperature of the aggregate is approximately in the range of from 160 °C to 180 °C. The drying and heating system of the products produced by asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers mainly includes two parts, the drying drum and the burning device. The drying drum is mainly a device for heating and drying the cold and wet aggregate. In order to make the cold and wet aggregates complete the three requirements of preheating, dehydration drying and heating and heating in a limited time, the aggregate need to be distributed evenly in the drum, and also need to provide sufficient running time, so In this case, the discharge temperature of the asphalt mixing plant can be brought to the specified requirements. In fact, the so-called burning device mainly refers to a device capable of providing a heat source for the cold aggregate drying heating. In other words, in addition to the need to choose the right fuel, we also need to choose the right burner for the asphalt mixing plant.

In some cases, in order to ensure the effect of heating, we china asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers also suggest to take certain insulation measures. Only by ensuring the normal operation of the heating system can the operation of the entire system be guaranteed, and the necessary basis for subsequent production can be provided to meet the production requirements of the asphalt mixing plant.

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