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Environmental protection low price asphalt mixing plant

2018-11-22 15:14:36

 For the development prospect of asphalt mixing equipment industry, the concept of environmental protection is an integral part. The low price asphalt mixing plant belongs to the large-scale road construction materials production equipment and is one of the indispensable equipment for the construction of roads. In the construction of roads, the proportion of investment is large, so people will find the best quality equipment with low price to save the cost. Although its production scope is limited to the construction site, due to the high emission density and the emission index is also inferior to other construction machinery products, the environmental pollution it brings can not be ignored. Considered of the two aspects, the environmental friendly low cost asphalt mixing plant is the best choice.

low price asphalt mixing plant

In order to product high quality material for road construction, the quality control measures for asphalt mixing plant is also very important. Here are some method which can ensure the production quality:
1, Determine the responsibility for process quality control, strengthen the promotion of comprehensive quality education, and improve the quality awareness of all employees;
2, Strict control the quality of raw materials for asphalt mixing plant, the the selection of materials must be test in the laboratory to prevent unqualified raw materials into the production line;
3, In strict accordance with the operating procedures, regular inspection of various weighing and measuring equipment, try not to waste, waste material disposal to eliminate waste;
4, Communicate with the supervision engineer in a timely manner during the construction process, and listen to the opinions, and solve the existing problems in time;
5, During the construction process, if there is serious error occurred, and the quality problems should be submitted to the project department and reported to the supervision engineer in time.

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