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Asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers suggestions

2018-05-10 16:16:07

After purchasing from asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers, the plant can be put in production. During using and operation, there are many aspects need to considered about. With years experience and communicate with customers in particular use, we Haomei Machinery can give you two main suggestions,that are increase productivity and reducing fuel consumption.

asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers

The quality of aggregate directly affects the productivity of asphalt mixing plant. Therefore, the quality of raw materials should be strictly controlled when purchasing, so as to avoid the influence of waiting materials and spillage on output. Another factor affecting the productivity of asphalt batch mix plant is the main burner, and the design of the drying cylinder in the asphalt mixing plant has a special heating zone. If the shape of the flame is not matched with the heating zone, the heating efficiency will be seriously affected and the productivity of the asphalt mix plant will be affected. Therefore, if the flame shape is found to be poor, it should be adjusted in time.

The fuel cost accounts for a large proportion in the running cost of asphalt mixing plant. In addition to the necessary waterproofing measures for aggregates, it is very important to improve the efficiency of the combustion system. The combustion system of the asphalt mixing station is composed of the main burner, the drying cylinder, the dust collector and the air diversion system. The reasonable matching between them plays decisive role in the full combustion of the fuel. The length and diameter of the burner and the combustion zone of the drying cylinder directly affect the consumption of the burner fuel. Data from asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers industry show that fuel consumption is increased by about 1% when the aggregate temperature exceeds 5 of the prescribed temperature. Therefore, the enough aggregate temperature is needed, do not exceed the prescribed temperature too high.

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