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The working efficiency of asphalt production plant

2018-04-25 15:24:01

The asphalt production plant equipment, also known as asphalt mixing plant is the largest proportion of the investment of asphalt production. The asphalt mixing plant not only relates to the normal production, but also directly determines the quality and cost of asphalt mixture.

asphalt production plant

The model of asphalt mixing equipment should be selected scientifically and rationally according to the annual output. If the asphalt plant model is too big, which will increase the cost of investment and reduce the effective use efficiency. If the equipment model is too small, which will make the production lack, and the construction efficiency can not be improved, so the operation time is prolonged, the economy is poor, and the workers are easily fatigued. The asphalt mixing plant below 2000 is usually used for local construction roads or municipal maintenance, and larger than 3000 types are used in highway or other large pavement projects, usually these projects are relatively tight.

According to the annual demand output, the hourly output of asphalt mixing station = annual demand per year / annual effective construction month / effective construction days/ work time per day. The rated output of the asphalt drum mix plant is higher than the theoretical calculation capacity. Because of the factors such as the raw material specifications, water content and so on, the actual stable output of the asphalt mix plant is only 60% ~ 80% of the product model, such as the actual rated output of the 4000 type asphalt mixing plant is about 240 ~ 320t/h, the mixing uniformity, gradation and temperature stability will be affected if the yield is increased.

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