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Asphalt plant manufacturers develop trend

2018-03-12 16:39:44

As the competition among asphalt plant manufacturers has been hotter and hotter in recent years, if the asphalt mixing plant manufacturers want to maintain the competitive advantages, they must constantly improve their own technological level and product quality, attach importance to brand building and establish sales channels suitable for themselves while complying with the development trend of the industry. When it comes to the develop trend of the asphalt mixing plant equipment, the most outstanding one must be the increasing of mixing capacity, the mixing capacity under 1000 is the most common mode, therefore, to increase the mixing capacity is the best way of increasing productivity.

asphalt plant manufacturers

Development of large-scale asphalt mixing plant is the main trend of asphalt plant manufacturers, at present, the large-scale asphalt mixing plant mainly refers to 3000-5000 equipment, most asphalt plant companies have invested great effort in the research and development of large-scale mixing equipment. For the mode above 3000, its technical content, manufacturing difficulty, industrial control methods, and requirements for energy saving and environmental protection are not in the same level with small-scale asphalt mixing equipment. With the increase of mixing models, the technical problems to be solved will become more and more complicated. The supply of related components, such as vibration screens, dust removal systems and thermal oil furnaces, will be further restricted. This required the asphalt mixing plant manufacturers with more advanced technology and financial strength, thus, whether a asphalt mixing plant manufacturer can supply large mode stands for the the strength level most, when choosing asphalt mixing plant, you can consider this factor for making choice.

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