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Asphalt batching plant storage precautions

2018-03-22 17:44:14

Asphalt batching plant is used for mixing bituminous, stone, sand and powder for paving construction project. With the acceleration of urbanization, the highway construction has also been developing rapidly. In the highway construction, the application of large and advanced road construction machinery and equipment-asphalt mixing plant is more and more frequent, and the mechanization degree of highway construction is constantly improving. After one project is completed, the batching equipment maybe need to be stored for a period of time, thus we have advice on this issue.

asphalt batching plant

If the asphalt mixing plant is to be stored for a long time, the site should be planned and leveled before storage so that the road can be kept smooth. In the equipment storage prior, the following work should be finished: the equipment should be derusted, packed, covered, and all construction equipment, testing equipment, cleaning device and supplies labor inspection, acceptance, storage and protection work should be finished. Empty all the materials in the asphalt batching plant. Cut off the power to prevent inadvertent activation, and grease the drive chain and adjustable bolt. Maintain the gas system according to the requirements of the air system instructions. Cover the outlet of the exhaust chimney of the dry roller to prevent the rain from inflow. During the storage of the equipment, special supervision should be specified, regular cleaning and maintenance, and record it well.

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