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Mobile asphalt plant management and maintenance

2018-03-29 16:43:09

The management of mobile asphalt plant covers various aspects such as equipment management and safe production management. In production, management is the first step to ensure effective work, especially when it comes to the work of some large-scale projects, the management including the management of equipment and the management of production processes.

mobile asphalt plant

First of all, for the management of the equipment. If the equipment can not work normally, then the production cannot be continued, which will seriously affect the progress of the entire project. Therefore, the equipment management work for the mobile asphalt plant is the most basic requirement, including the lubrication work, maintenance plan and related accessories management work. The most important of these is the lubrication, in many cases, some failures of the equipment are caused by insufficient lubrication, it is necessary to formulate a corresponding equipment maintenance plan, especially for the lubrication of key parts. Then according to the actual situation, develop a corresponding maintenance and inspection plan. For some parts that are more prone to damage, we must regularly check the problems, such as mixing pulp, liners, screens, etc., according to the extent of wear and tear combined with production tasks and reasonable replacement time. In addition, in order to reduce the impact during the construction period, the asphalt hot mix plant is usually located in a relatively remote place. Therefore, the purchase of accessories is relatively difficult. It is advisable to purchase a certain amount of accessories in advance so that they can be replaced promptly when problems arise.In addition, the safety management of the entire production process must not be overlooked. In order to do a good job in the safety management of the asphalt mixing plant and ensure that there are no safety accidents, personnel must take appropriate preventive measures in advance.

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