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Whetstone ratio control of asphalt plant for sale

2018-02-27 17:41:47

Asphalt mixing plant performance and working conditions impact on the quality of asphalt mixture directly, which is related to the quality and progress of the entire project. Therefore, the control technology of asphalt plant for sale is increasingly advanced, which requires mechanical operators continue to improve operational skills to meet the construction needs in order to ensure the normal operation of machinery. To asphalt mixture, the quality of it is affected by the whetstone ratio, and it is the key point to produce qualified asphalt for the paving project.

asphalt plant for sale

The best whetstone ratio of asphalt mixture is determined by the mineral aggregate gradation and powder content, it is the fundamental guarantee of road strength and its performance, asphalt dosage is too large or too small will cause different diseases on the road. Therefore, strict control of asphalt dosage is an important part of production control. Operators in the production should pay attention to the following aspects: reduce the error range of asphalt metering as much as possible to seek precision of asphalt metering, the amount of powder added is the one of the most important factors that affecting the best ratio of oil stone, so the measurement of powder should be controlled strict, according to the fine aggregate dust content to adjust the draft fan wind opening reasonably, so that the mixture of dust content within the design range. Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of huge equipment and the cost is big, so when operating, more attention should be paid to save cost and time, if you are looking for asphalt plant for sale, please contact us via leave massage on the website or email.

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